Army Wife Runs Over To Ellen During Show Taping, Says She Has No Clue Where Her Husband Is

by Barbara Diamond
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While finishing a taping of her show in December 2014, Ellen DeGeneres looked into the camera and gave a special thanks to servicemen and women, as well as their loved ones, for sacrificing so much for our country.

“Before we go, there’s a military wife in the audience who I’d like to meet,” she continued. Ellen called Cari Curtis up to the stage.

Cari, who spent the whole day thinking she was just a normal audience member, had no idea Ellen had a major surprise in store just for her.

The stunned military wife and mother from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, proceeded to tell her story to Ellen in front of millions of viewers. She explained how her husband Drew had been in the U.S. Army Special Forces for 10 years. And since his position in the Special Forces was so secretive and “off the grid,” Cari had no idea where he even was. Having a spouse deployed is difficult enough… now imagine having absolutely no access to that person, and no clue as to where he or she even is!

Cari also mentioned she and Drew had two sons, Mason, 5, and Jackson, 2… and how she left her teaching job, which didn’t pay much, to become a stay-at-home mom.

The Curtis family was thrilled that Drew would be coming home for Christmas. “We’re looking forward to knowing he’s going to be home,” she told Ellen. “So much of his job is unpredictable.”

Since money was tight, the couple decided not to buy Christmas gifts for each other. Instead, they would spend whatever they could on presents for their sons. However, Cari said they didn’t have the funds to buy Mason and Jackson the “big” gifts they really wanted.

Well… that was until Ellen revealed why Cari was really sitting in the audience that day.

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