Army Veteran Starts To Fall Asleep On Airplane When She Feels Hands Groping Her From Behind

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Senior Editor of Branded Content at Wild Sky Media. She grew up in upstate New York and Oregon and now lives in Queens, NY. Ileana graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in sociology. After graduating, she attended the Columbia Publishing Course in New York City, then worked as in marketing at Oxford University Press. Since transitioning to editorial, she has written for BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Woman's World. She has also worked for local newspapers and magazines in upstate New York. In her free time, you can find Ileana watching Law & Order: SVU, eating ice cream, and spending time with her dog.

Flying across the country can be stressful. Many people find flights anxiety-inducing, and not just because of the act of flying.

Airplanes can feel extremely claustrophobic, and unless you’re sitting in first class, the seats are pretty uncomfortable. Plus, you’re shoved in next to a bunch of strangers!

For the most part, this usually isn’t a problem. Most people on flights are polite; like you, they just want to get where they’re going without being bothered.

Unfortunately, once in a while, there are some real creeps (and sometimes criminals) on airplanes. Army veteran Lena Ramsey was taking a red-eye flight from Denver, Colorado, to Providence, Rhode Island, when she was groped, she says.

Lena was just about to fall asleep when she says that the person behind her began assaulting her. “And it dawned on me that I had hands coming through my window seat, on my right side,” Lena explained. “The passenger behind me was groping me.”

Once she realized what was happening, Lena told a flight attendant, but she didn’t hear anything back. When the flight landed, she alerted the pilot and asked him to call the Transportation Security Administration.

Lena was later interviewed by the FBI, but she hasn’t yet heard if they’ve tracked down the suspect.

Watch the video below to hear from Lena and find out more about her terrible flight experience.

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