Army Vet Walks 2,200 Miles Across Entire Country With American Flag To Raise Awareness For PTSD

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

The heartbreaking reality of just how many former servicemen and women take their own lives after battling post-traumatic stress disorder isn’t something most people like to think about on a regular basis.

That is exactly what one man set out to change, by shedding new light on what he calls an “epidemic.”

Army veteran Ernesto Rodriguez explains how, after hearing that an average 22 veterans who suffer from PTSD commit suicide on a daily basis, he wanted to do more than donate money to help his fellow troops.

So he set out on a long journey — by foot, walking across the country alone, with a 60-pound rucksack and an American flag strapped to his back.

He began the trek on Veteran’s Day, in November. While on the road, Ernesto met with fellow veterans from World War II and even helped a homeless vet find shelter.

Several hotels offered him free rooms along the way, but Ernesto also spent plenty of nights sleeping out in the desert or on the sides of the highways he followed from Tennessee to California. In all, he traveled 2,200 miles.

He posted updates on Instagram and Facebook throughout the walk and finally made it to the last few miles after six months of trekking.

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Footage provided by KTLA

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