Man Spends One Year Creating 5-Foot-Long American Flag Out Of 10,000 Green Army Men

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Whether it’s the Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, or just a random Wednesday, citizens of the US love to show their pride for their country and honor the men and women who have dedicated their lives to keeping everyone safe.

Greg Smith has gone above and beyond to pay tribute to those serving in the US military — and we’re completely blown away!

The LaGrange, Georgia, resident spent an entire year transforming over 10,000 green army men figures into an American flag. “I wanted to do something in my spare time after I went through a divorce last year,” Greg told Fox News. “I would work on it as I watched TV at night.”

Greg transformed the plastic army figures with red, white, and blue spray paint and glued them down to create a huge 5×3-foot masterpiece that is perfect even after the Fourth.

Greg posted a series of photos on his Facebook page just in time for Independence Day 2017.

To see Greg’s American flag in full and check out the detail he put into it, scroll down!

Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / Helgi Halldórsson; Flickr / Dan Century

Greg Smith spent 1 year creating American flag out of 10,000 green army men toys.

This is Greg Smith. He spent a year creating an American flag out of 10,000 army men. “I wanted to do something to honor the servicemen and women past and present,” Greg tells LittleThings.

Green army man toy man used to create American flag

Greg used these popular green army men to create the American flag design. “It has just over 10,000 figures,” he tells LittleThings. Greg also had to use 25 cans of spray paint to transform the figures. He posted the complete design on Facebook.

Greg Smith's Facebook post about the American Flag he made with 10,,00 army men toys.

Greg’s Facebook post went up on July 4, 2017, after he’d spent an entire year working on it. His post already has 72 shares and 220 reactions from family, friends, and strangers. Many of these people know someone serving the country.

Greg Smith spent 1 year creating an American flag out of 10,000 army men toys.

This is Greg’s completed American flag design. The 10,000 army men are glued to a one-inch-thick board that is 5×3 feet. From afar, you may not be able to tell what the flag is made out of, but Greg uploaded a few close-up shots of his work.

Greg Smith spent 1 year creating an American flag out of 10,000 army men toys.

Here is just a small section of the 10,000 army men spray-painted and glued down to create the American flag. “I wanted something different,” Greg tells LittleThings about his unique design. All the men are carefully positioned to fit perfectly as red and white lines.

Greg Smith spent 1 year creating an American flag out of 10,000 army men toys.

This closer look shows you how precise Greg was in creating the design. He wanted to honor all those serving, including family. “My great-grandfather, grandfather, and my dad were in the Army. My uncle was in the Navy,” Greg tells LittleThings.

Greg Smith spent 1 year creating an American flag out of 10,000 army men toys.

Greg was also able to position the army men in a way that mimics the stars of the American flag. A true work of art!


Here is another photo Greg posted on Facebook of his American flag design. We dare you to try counting each individual painted army man!

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