The United States Army Ceremonial Drill Team Performs Amazing Routine

by Paul Morris
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The United States Army Drill Team, also known as “The Old Guard,” carries the important task of guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier, as well as forming the Presidential escort and defending the Capitol in times of national crises.

These soldiers are truly the best of the best. Hand picked and vetted in a process that can take years, these young men have been selected based off of their body type, intelligence, height, memory, and ability to keep calm and perform even with thousands of spectators watching their every move.

Formed in 1957, this drill team trains constantly in order to perfect their every movement. Every single step you see them perform is done completely by memory.

There are no calls and there is no backup plan; there is only their silent drill.

Make sure to watch this entire incredible video; while we’ve seen a lot of these amazing drill sequences before, this video allows us to see their work from multiple different angles.

The overhead view at 4:10 is honestly one of the most incredible things we’ve seen. These men are synchronized to a level that we didn’t think humans were possible of achieving, but leave it to the United States Army to figure it all out!

Their stoic commander somehow keeps a cool demeanor while walking through their swinging and sharp rifles, but do you think he’s that calm on the inside as well?

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