People Are Freaking Out Over How Much This Girl Looks Like Demi Lovato And Ariana Grande’s Twin

by Kim Wong-Shing
Kim Wong-Shing is a staff writer at LittleThings. Her work spans beauty, wellness, pop culture, identity, food, and other topics. She is a contributing writer at NaturallyCurly, and her work has also appeared in HelloGiggles, Lifehacker, Wear Your Voice Magazine, and other outlets. She grew up in Philadelphia, attended Brown University, and is now based in New Orleans.

A teenager is going viral for somehow appearing to be both Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato’s doppelgänger at the same time. If the two pop stars could merge their DNA and have a daughter who’s already a teenager, that teenager would definitely look like 18-year-old Samantha Rodriguez.

Rodriguez attended the LGBTQ+ Pride parade in Houston, Texas, last weekend, and she tweeted a photo of herself decked out in Pride apparel — rainbow and glitter and all. Unexpectedly, the photo accumulated almost 50,000 likes over the next couple days. Fellow Twitter users were flabbergasted by Samantha’s face, and frankly, it’s easy to see why. Being a doppelgänger is one thing, but being two people’s doppelgängers at the same time? How, Sway?

Folks reacted accordingly.

“Make up your mind, you’re either gonna be Ariana Grande or demi lovato,” one frustrated fan wrote.

“Ariana Grande??? Demi Lovato???” another fan demanded.

Samantha told Teen Vogue that she’s frequently been compared to Ariana, but not so much Demi.

“I’ve gotten the comment about Ariana quite a lot actually,” Samantha said. “The Demi comparison was kind of random, I’m assuming because of my chin. I personally don’t see the resemblance to either so all of the attention I’ve gotten is so wild to me.”

“People have been reaching out to me on all platforms explaining how crazy it is that I can look like two celebrities in one. I’ve been called Demi and Ari’s baby so many times now,” Samantha added.

Luckily, being an Ariana and Demi mashup is nothing but a compliment.

“I actually love everything about both women and what they stand for. They also happen to be extremely gorgeous so to be able to be compared to them both is really an amazing feeling.”

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