5-Year-Old’s Heart Is Failing, But Dad Captures Reaction When Son Learns He’s Getting A New One

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

For 211 days, 5-year-old Ari Schultz waited for a new heart.

Ari suffers from congestive heart failure. He may only be 5, but he has already had three open-heart surgeries.

But in the video below, after nearly a year of waiting, Ari’s parents decided to share some very special news with him.

His dad made sure to capture the boy’s reaction and then posted the video to Facebook, where it moved over a million people.

Ari waited for the new heart at the Boston Children’s Hospital. It was there that his parents broke the news that a compatible one had finally been located!

Ari swung his baseball bat around — he’s a huge Boston Red Sox fan — as his dad told him that the possibility of seeing a game this season had just increased. Ari quickly grew excited, but when his parents dropped the bombshell, you can see his young face go through a variety of emotions almost all once!

He went from shock, to fear, to curiosity, to happiness within a matter of seconds!

As the video goes along, Ari curiously asks about the procedure. Though he expresses his fear about the surgery, the hope of going home quickly shows through.

Thankfully his surgery was a success, and he got ready to go home about three months later!

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