Son Has Been In Hospital For 187 Days, But His Face Lights Up When Dad Says He’s Going Home

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

On his 187th day at the Boston Children’s Hospital, 5-year-old heart transplant recipient Ari Schultz found out he would finally be going home in two more days. The happy moment was caught on film by his equally excited parents, Mike and Erica.

In the video shared on June 15, 2017, Ari hangs with his parents outside the hospital, wearing his Boston Red Sox jersey and swinging his baseball bat. His dad asks if Ari remembers their earlier discussion about going home when they thought it would be a few weeks.

But then, Mike asks, “Do you want to go home on Friday?”

“Yeah! Two days!” Ari excitedly shouts when he realizes what his dad is telling him. He can hardly believe that he’s been in the hospital for nearly 200 days. “That’s crazy,” the 5-year-old says.

The pint-sized sports fan already has his priorities in order for when he goes home. He lists all the things he wants to do when he gets home, including go to a baseball field and practice his golf swing.

Ari first made headlines after a video of his priceless reaction to finding out he would be getting a heart transplant went viral back in March 2017.

According to the “Echo of Hope” blog where Ari’s parents write about his journey, the little boy was diagnosed with critical aortic stenosis and evolving hypoplastic left heart syndrome in utero, during his 18-week ultrasound. He’s since had around 20 surgeries during his short life.

PEOPLE reported that little Ari’s body began to reject his new heart, and he went into cardiac arrest a few weeks after his March 3, 2017, transplant. He miraculously pulled through on April 15, 2017, recovering enough to finally leave the hospital today.

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