April The Giraffe Finally Gives Birth After Almost 2 Months Of Waiting

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Today is finally the day! On February 23, the world fell in love with April the giraffe.

Multiple sites (with LittleThings being one of the first) began to live stream April’s labor on Facebook. At the time, it looked like she would be giving birth any minute! However, Miss April decided to enjoy the attention. After all this time, she has finally delivered her baby!

April is a 15-year-old giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. This baby giraffe is the fourth calf that April has delivered. Jordan Patch told WUSA9 that she is in such great health and shape, she could potentially have even more babies later in life!

Giraffes are pregnant for about 13 to 15 months. April delivered well past her expected due date of mid-February, but that is not uncommon.

As “giraffe watch” continued for days and then weeks, well into a month, people speculated on how long April would be in labor. However, Jordan says that it is unlikely that any of us would have been able to tell when she was contracting. The first sign of labor we would have been able to spot is when the baby’s first two hooves poked out!

Giraffes instinctively hide their labor, as many predators will watch them and attack after their baby is born. But April did not have to worry about that! The main visitor she had during labor was papa giraffe Oliver, who would walk by her area to check on her.

Oliver was not kept with April, as he is a bull who would likely eat her food, fight her, or even try to mate with her. Typically, giraffe males are not part of the rearing process. This is Oliver’s first calf, and it is the first giraffe calf born at Animal Adventure Park!

You can see April’s active labor below, starting with the hooves poking out. Around the 35 minute marker, the little one is hanging out of mom, and by minute 48 she’s giving birth! You can see April tend to her little one after delivery in the video as well.

Very soon, Animal Adventure Park will begin a contest on their Facebook page to name the newborn calf. Congrats to April!

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Video Credit: Animal Adventure Park

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