Medical Assistant Spots 2 Toddlers Playing Outside Alone And Discovers They Fled From Day Care

by Jess Butler
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Parents bring their children to day care expecting them to be looked after and nurtured. However, when Chanae Coleman dropped off her 3-year-old son, Jay’lani Thompson, she never expected him to wander outside his day care’s four walls.

In the video below, posted on November 29, 2017, Chanae explains:

“He’s 3! Anything could have happened to him. It’s a drug-infested area. He could’ve got shot. He could’ve got hit by a car, anything.”

The outraged mother received a frantic call from a friend after seeing Jay’lani roaming the streets in a Facebook post. She couldn’t believe the day care employees somehow slipped up and didn’t see her son and his friend, a little girl, escaping and making their way outside.

The toddlers were having a blast on their unexpected play adventure, then quickly found themselves across the street and in a parking lot.

That’s when a medical assistant named April Evans glanced outside her office and spotted them

The stunned medical assistant recalled: “While I was processing a patient, I saw the two little kids playing around the cars. I was like, ‘Why are these kids playing?’ I see no coat on, no parent around, so I ran outside and got them.”

It was then that April gave them lollipops and called the police to help return the toddlers to their parents.

In the end, both children were reunited with their parents, and Jay’lani will no longer be attending his old day care. Thanks to April, Jay’lani and his friend are both safe and sound!

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