Kid Falls In Pool, When Mom Jumps To Save Him Apartment Manager Realizes She Can’t Swim Either

by Kim Wong-Shing
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An Indianapolis apartment manager unexpectedly became a hero on Wednesday. Jennifer Potter noticed a young boy struggling to swim in a pool, and she immediately jumped in to save him.

When she did, she realized that he wasn’t alone: The boy’s pregnant mother was underwater, too. Jennifer was able to save all three lives.

“I don’t know how I did it,” Jennifer told WXIN. “I just reacted.”

Indeed, Jennifer says she hardly considers herself a hero. “I don’t feel like one,” she said. “I just feel like I was doing what any other normal person would do.”

The three people whom Jennifer spontaneously saved from drowning would probably say otherwise!

Jennifer was riding by the pool on her golf cart with her maintenance man when she saw a group of kids trying to help someone. Upon closer look, she realized that it was a child – and he was stuck in the pool.

“I took my shoes off real quick while still running and just dove right into the pool,” Jennifer said.

Once in the water, she saw that the boy’s pregnant mother was also in the pool. The mom had attempted to save her son and instead ended up unconscious herself.

“I ended up grabbing both,” Jennifer said, “and just kind of swimming as fast as I could.”

Jennifer and her maintenance crew pulled the boy and his mother out of the pool, then called for an ambulance.

Though someone had thrown a flotation device to the child, it was Jennifer’s quick thinking that ended up saving the day.

Footage provided by WXIN Indianapolis.

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