Clever Lady Finds Old Cheese Graters At Thrift Store, Then Transforms Them Into A Lovely Lantern

by Cassandra Morris
Cassandra is the Senior Editor of Original Content. She loves sweet tea, binge-watching Antiques Roadshow, and petting puppies.

While I love modern gadgets and shiny gizmos, I’ve always been charmed by utensils from days gone by.

Old egg beaters, antique potato mashers, apple peelers… There’s just something so lovely about antique kitchen tools.

Sure, our modern-day technology allows us to do some amazing things in the kitchen — like make stale old bread taste and feel brand new again — but they just don’t have the charm that those rustic antiques do.

So you can understand my excitement when I stumbled upon this beautiful craft project, dreamt up by the talented Tuula of Thrifty Rebel.

Not only does this craft find a way to cleverly repurpose an old kitchen utensil, but it also lights up any room it graces — literally and figuratively!

Do you like antique cooking gadgets as much as I do? Would you love this gorgeous craft project in your home?

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antique kitchen tools

When Tuula found these lovely old antique graters at a thrift shop, she knew she wanted to do something creative with them — and she had the perfect idea!

antique kitchen utensils

She started by gathering her supplies. With three of the graters, a pair of needle-nose pliers, and some pretty copper wire, she was ready to go.

antique kitchen

Next, she arranged the graters in a triangle, then fastened their corners together with some painters tape.

vintage kitchen utensils

Once she decided it looked good, Tuula took her copper wire and wrapped it around three times.

vintage kitchen tools

She repeated this step for each intersection, replacing the painter’s tape with the wire.

antique diy ideas

Then, on one side of the graters, she tied on an old chain she found in her craft stash.

decorating with antiques

Once everything was secure, she added a pewter tea candle-holder and some vintage chandelier crystals. The tea candle-holder was the perfect fit between the three graters!

how to decorate with antiques

And voila! Her antique cheese graters had been transformed into a charming little rustic lantern!

antique cheese graters

Tuula loves pink and silver, so she was very happy with the results.

unique candle holders

At night, the sweet lantern casts a beautiful glow.

unique backyard lanterns

It’s the perfect combination of country and chic. I absolutely love it!

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