Teen Is Fed Up With The Bullies At Her School, So She Leaves Dozens Of Notes About It On Walls

by Emerald Pellot
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Though bullying can be greatly reduced in schools, it unfortunately may never be completely absent. Sometimes kids lack the wisdom to understand that their actions can hurt others.

Although this doesn’t mean that they can’t change, we’ve seen bullies turn a new leaf once they’ve realized the weight of their harm.

One student at Calera High School in Alabama is taking a different approach to stopping bullying. Rather than trying to convert bad behavior, she is letting all students know that they are appreciated.

High school junior Ashlynn Hamm was fed up with the bullying in her school. She decided to start a Post-it note campaign where students write positive messages and leave them on walls and bathroom mirrors.

“High school is not easy,” Ashlynn told WMTV. “It’s not just grades. It’s not just social, it’s not easy with other people.”

The students who started the program believe it is important for their peers to know that they are supported by the community and that one negative voice does not trump the many positive ones.

“I’d like to see more people do more random acts of kindness,” Ashlynn said.

The students will all wear white in solidarity to show that they really do stick together. What’s even more stunning is that the students came up with this themselves — they weren’t instructed to do it, they just wanted to help!

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