Pregnancy Struggles: 12 Of The Most Annoying Things That Happen When You’re Expecting A Baby

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Ahh, pregnancy. It’s a beautiful thing, but it definitely comes with its share of annoyances.

Parents-to-be spend months and months preparing for their new baby, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, especially for mamas.

Being pregnant can make you feel strong and powerful — after all, you’re creating a new person! — but it can also be a miserable experience. And that’s OK! You’re allowed to be excited about your new baby and hate being pregnant.

If you’re suffering through the not-so-fun aspects of pregnancy and need a good laugh today, check out our list of the most annoying things about being pregnant. And no, you won’t find morning sickness on this list! Because morning sickness isn’t just annoying — it’s downright terrible!

If being pregnant has you down, just remember that anything you’re experiencing is temporary, and it’ll probably all be forgotten once you meet your little one. So hang in there and find some solidarity in our list of the most annoying things about pregnancy.

1. Sweating Like Crazy

pregnancy sweating
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When you’re pregnant, you won’t just sweat in the summertime. Even if your baby is due in the winter, you’ll sweat in places the sun has never seen toward the end of your pregnancy. It’s a combination of the physiological and the physical: All those extra hormones are the biggest culprit. But as both your breasts and belly grow, your “girls” will constantly rest on the top of your belly, which leads to some serious boob sweat. Same with your thighs and butt, which can cause your underwear to exist in a constant state of dampness. If you’ve seriously considered putting deodorant on your thighs and boobs, you’re definitely not alone!

2. Peeing All the Time

pregnancy peeing
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It’s true that most women lose a little bit of bladder control after giving birth. It just makes logical sense, right? But pregnancy can wreak quite a bit of havoc on your bladder, too! As your baby gets heavier in the womb, it puts extra pressure on your bladder, and you could find that you’re going through more panty liners than you ever thought possible. And if you’re pregnant during allergy season? You deserve some sort of award!

3. Dealing With Vaginal Discomfort

pregnancy vaginal discomfort
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Anyone who has done any research about pregnancy probably knows what the term “lightning crotch” means. Until it happens, just accept that you’ll be unprepared for it. Lightning crotch refers to the quick but extremely painful “stabbing” sensation in your cervix during the third trimester. While it’s pretty much impossible to experience this and not think your cervix is dilating (or that the baby is legit on the way right now), most doctors agree that lightning crotch is caused by the baby pressing against the nerves down there. 

4. Changing Your Wardrobe

pregnancy wardrobe
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You know that adorable maternity dress you bought three weeks ago that was a perfect fit and so comfortable? You vowed to wear it at least once weekly until the end, right? Sadly, it doesn’t quite work that way. As baby’s growth picks up speed toward the end of the second trimester, every day is pretty much a gamble when it comes to getting dressed. Our best advice? Purchase pieces that fit a bit loosely to give you room to grow. Because you will. A lot.

5. Coming Up With a Name

pregnancy names
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For some couples, choosing a name is super easy. Maybe you’ve had that special name picked out since you were dating. Or… maybe not. If you and your partner can’t agree on a name, things can get pretty stressful. After all, the name you choose will stick with your baby for life. Kind of a big deal, huh? Just remember that it’s fine to meet your little one before deciding on a name!

6. Dealing With Crazy Veins

pregnancy veins
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Varicose veins are bulging, swollen veins that can be painful. And they’re a huge part of pregnancy. While it’s true that varicose veins are most likely to show up in your legs, that’s not the only place they can appear. Varicose veins are responsible for that painful, throbbing feeling “down there” that occurs mainly during the third trimester, and they’re also the culprit behind those dreaded hemorrhoids that often occur during or just after pregnancy.

7. Bleeding… Everywhere

pregnancy bleeding
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We all know to expect some blood during delivery. But you might not know that your nose and gums can bleed, too. Both occur as a result of all the extra blood circulating through your system, but you might be alarmed by these pregnancy symptoms if you aren’t aware that they can occur. Try running a humidifier at night if you’re suffering from pregnancy-induced nosebleeds, and be sure to keep up with your regular dental visits and dental hygiene (especially regular flossing) during pregnancy if you’re experiencing bleeding gums.

8. Getting UTIs

pregnancy uti
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Pregnant women are super susceptible to urinary tract and bladder infections. That’s because the baby presses down on your bladder, making it difficult to fully remove urine. This can allow bacteria to grow and thrive. Your doctor will test your urine at every appointment during your pregnancy to ensure you haven’t developed an infection, but you can decrease the likelihood of a UTI by drinking lots of water and emptying your bladder fully when you use the bathroom. Unfortunately, this could require multiple positions!

9. Struggling With Your Bra Situation

pregnancy bra
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Your breasts are one of the first things affected by pregnancy, often starting to feel painful and swollen even before the test turns positive. You’ll probably go through several different bra sizes during your pregnancy, and then if you’re planning to breastfeed, you’ll need to purchase a few good nursing bras as well. And because of engorgement after your milk comes in, you might need various sizes of nursing bras, too! The long and short of it? Be prepared to spend lots of money on bras during the entire process!

10. Nesting

pregnancy nesting
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If you’ve experienced nesting before, you know how strange it is. In the midst of the fatigue and discomfort of the last few weeks of pregnancy, BAM! — you’re hit with an insane urge to clean and organize everything. You might also get the urge to redecorate the house in preparation for the little one. How to deal? It’s fine to give in to the urge as long as you don’t overdo it. And remember — nesting often indicates that labor is just around the corner!

11. Not Sleeping

pregnancy not sleeping
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You thought that the lack of sleep was reserved for after your baby is born? Nope! By the third trimester, most moms-to-be are lucky if they’re waking up fewer than three times every night. Some of the biggest sleep stealers? Insomnia (which most doctors chalk up to pregnancy-related stress), leg cramps, the need to pee several times, heartburn, and snoring. They’re all normal parts of pregnancy, but they sure can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. But look on the bright side — by the time baby’s here, you’ll be used to losing sleep!  

12. Dealing With Your Own Emotions

pregnancy emotions
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Some women deal with crazy hormones as soon as the pregnancy test turns positive, while others manage to make it to the third trimester with their emotions intact. But chances are, at some point during your pregnancy, you’ll find yourself feeling completely irrational about something that normally wouldn’t ruffle your feathers at all. Just try to relax and do something that calms you down, like taking a long walk or a warm bath.

If being pregnant isn’t a walk in the park for you, that’s OK. Whether you love the experience or not, you’ll definitely love the little one it produces!