Mom Transforms Her Adorable Children With Gorgeous Fairy Tale Costumes

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Taking pictures of your kids is a given, especially these days when everyone always has a cell phone at the ready!

But some parents want to do a little more for their family memories, and not just create a record of their kids’ growth, but some beautiful art, as well.

Bringing your kids into art at a young age is nothing new. It shows them as beautiful creations, and also gives them an appreciation for art and beauty that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. One photographer helps families get started on art appreciation really early, with adorable recreations of classic paintings starring tiny newborns.

Photographer and mother of two Anna Rozwadowska takes things a bit further, though.

She photographs her children in beautiful settings with equally beautiful costumes, like fluffy tutu skirts in all kinds of colors and adorable fairy tale touches. And Rozwadowska not only takes the photos, but makes each costume herself!

Between raising two children and working as a secondary schoolteacher, Rozwadowska still finds time to create these great costumes and photos, and she knows how to balance it all. Pretty impressive!

Check out her gorgeous photos below, and let her images, and her multitasking, inspire you!

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Anna Rozwadowska works as a teacher in Poland.

But when she’s not teaching, her favorite hobbies are photography and sewing, so she’s combined them to create these adorable, magical photos starring her son, Jacob, and her daughter, Barbara.

The combination of kids, cameras, and sewing, she says, “have made me who I am now.”

Like all moms, Rozwadowska has photographed her children since they were born. A longtime lover of photography, she estimates that she’s taken thousands and thousands of photos.

So naturally, she started wanting to do something a little more unique.

“I was trying to find my own way to capture my children’s childhood,” she says. “And I still am,” she adds, since creating art is always an evolving process!

And you might notice the fantastical and adorable costumes that little Barbara in particular wears in the photos. These tutu-like skirts are all handmade by Rozwadowska herself!

Rozwadowska uses the combination of settings and costumes to create dreamy, magical photos that look like a storybook come to life.

But she’s practical, too, as both parents and artists have to be.

“I generally use the cheapest fabric I can get,” she admits freely. “I also try to choose a location for the photo shoots near to my home, usually within 20 kilometers.”

And she’s also considerate of her kids. After all, posing for a long shoot is hard when you’re only 3 like Barbara!

“A photo session lasts no longer than 15 to 20 minutes,” Rozwadowska explains. “When it comes to my daughter… five to six minutes MUST be sufficient.”

And the magic of her photos comes from how natural they feel. That’s because Rozwadowska, when photographing, simply lets her kids do what comes naturally.

“I never pose my kids,” she says, instead choosing to let them tell their own stories while she snaps photos.

And it seems that they’re naturals! Barbara just lights up in front of the camera.

Rozwadowska’s beautiful photos have a magical, timeless quality, and they’re sure to be treasured for a long time.

And despite her busy life as a working mother, Rozwadowska finds that her creative outlets actually give her more energy than they take away. “My head is full of ideas for the next pictures,” she says. “If only a day was longer.”

You can see more of her photos, as well as her adorable kids’ clothing designs, on her website and on Facebook.

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