Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter, Now A Teenager, Says She May Want To Follow In Mom’s Footsteps

by Amy Paige
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Anna Nicole Smith died at the height of her career in February 2007. She had been making the transition from modeling to acting and had appeared in movies like Naked Gun 33⅓ and Be Cool.

Though she wanted to be taken more seriously as an actress, especially toward the end of her life, Hollywood producers were hesitant to give her more substantial roles.

Anna Nicole died just months after giving birth to her beautiful daughter, Dannielynn. A DNA test confirmed Larry Birkhead as her biological father.

Larry is raising Dannielynn as a single dad in their home near Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a place where he can provide his daughter with as normal and grounded a lifestyle as possible, away from the spotlight.

In the past, Larry has been outspoken about not wanting to push Dannielynn into modeling or show business, despite the fact she is being called the “spitting image” of Anna Nicole, and modeling agencies have been clamoring to sign her.

But now it seems the tide may be turning as Dannielynn enters her teenage years. She recently sat for an interview and revealed her future plans to possibly follow in her famous mom’s footsteps …

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