An Artist Creates Gorgeous, Vibrant Portraits To Capture Pets’ Personalites

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

By day, Anna Bucciarelli works in marketing communications, and she has an impressive background and education in business.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking that’s all she does. She has plenty of other passions.

Anna’s other job is illustration. While some of her clients are corporations looking to spruce up their style with her bright, floral designs, other people seek out her talent for more personal reasons.

One of the most popular requests are pet portraits. Anna’s colorful, cheerful style is perfect for celebrating the joy that pets bring to our lives, and pet portraits have become a popular way of showing the world those special bonds.

And in some cases, like this sweet photo series of adoptable senior dogs, they can actually help make a difference in an animal’s life.

Throughout her career, Anna has painted dogs, cats, mice, and more. “If you can pet it, I can paint it!” she says.

And not only does she capture pets with her vibrant colors and flowing, delicate style, but she often adds in embellishments that capture and celebrate the personality of the animal.

Take a look at some of her gorgeous work below. You might even be inspired to create some art celebrating the special animals in your life!

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Anna’s work is characterized by vibrant colors and lots of floral designs.

She has training in a traditional Ukrainian style of painting called petrykivka, which uses plants and flowers in its designs. This training made her an expert at painting flowers, and still inspires a lot of her paintings.

And besides flowers, she’s also great at capturing the sweet, unique expressions of beloved cats and dogs.

Of course, it’s not all cats and dogs! Anna has painted a variety of animals, some more unusual than others, but she loves them all. She typically uses photo references for both the animals and the flowers.

And she doesn’t shy away from the less-than-fluffy variety of pets, either!

Even without the addition of the flowers, you can see how colorful her work is.

And no matter how small the animal, she manages to capture just how beautiful and special it really is, like this sweet little mouse.

And while her paintings have a lot of detail, they still look light and airy, thanks to her delicate brushwork.

Of course, sometimes, the subject of the portrait isn’t always the pet. Anna added in a cat to this painting for her husband. He wanted a painting of his favorite thing: a cheeseburger!

This painting of Wilbur the corgi perfectly captures his goofy smile, sunny personality, and the joy that he spreads to the lives he touches.

She also posts plenty of photos and videos on her Instagram showing the progress of her paintings, so that other artists can see how she works and how the paintings evolve.

Besides pets, one of her other favorite subjects to paint is high heels. As the mother of a young child, she doesn’t get to wear them very often (as high heels are hard for baby-chasing), so she paints them instead!

You can see more of Anna’s work on her website, as well as on Instagram, where we highly recommend checking out her in-progress videos to see the paintings appear right in front of you!

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