Born With Her Brain Pushing Through Her Skull, Brave Baby Beats The Odds

by Rebecca Endicott
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Every little baby that comes into the world is a blessing.

Still, not every baby has an easy path. Some are born chubby and happy and exuberant, but some face hurdles from the very start, like the sweet baby boy who had to overcome so much after being born months too early.

These babies are fighters, working day in and day out to achieve a miracle.

For one tiny baby girl, Aniyah Todd, the odds were almost entirely against her after she was born with most of her brain outside her skull.

Her parents were warned that she probably wouldn’t survive long past her birth.

However, despite the almost insurmountable obstacles ahead of her, this precious baby girl is fighting every day to survive her rare condition with her supportive twin sister Sophia by her side

Scroll through below to learn more about this incredible family, and how baby Aniyah beats the odds every single day.

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Sweet baby girl Aniyah Todd came into this world with a very peculiar condition.

Her brain formed almost entirely outside her skull, a condition called encephalocele that occurs when the brain begins outward though a gap in the skull while the baby is still developing.

It ranges in severity, but for Aniyah, almost all of her brain was affected.

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When young parents Charlotte Youds and Will Todd went in for a 13-week scan for their twin baby girls, they were in for a devastating diagnosis.

They learned that one of their twins was developing just as she should, but that the tests were showing something unusual about her sister.

The second baby’s skull and brain seemed to be developing wrong, with most of her brain outside the skull.

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Doctors immediately warned Aniyah’s parents that she might not survive.

Her sister Sophia was expected to be just fine, but they suspected that Aniyah would probably pass on during childbirth or shortly afterward.

They even planned to book a special room in the hospital for the family, in anticipation of giving them a way to stay close to Aniyah during end-of-life care.

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Indeed, less than 24 hours after Aniyah and Sophia were born, Aniyah was rushed off for a lifesaving brain surgery.

The doctors needed to remove the parts of her brain outside the skull.

In Aniyah’s case, that meant roughly 90 percent of her brain tissue would have to be removed.

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After the surgery, Aniyah’s chances of survival still seemed tiny; she wasn’t able to breathe without a ventilator, and they eventually unplugged the machines and put her in her mother’s arms to die peacefully.

Everyone assumed this was the end of Aniyah’s story.

But Aniyah, little fighter that she is, bucked the odds.

Somehow, she began breathing on her own, even though she needed the ventilator before.

Caters News

Within a day of learning to breathe on her own, just six days after birth, Aniyah was discharged from the hospital to join her sister Sophia at home.

That same day, she pulled out her special feeding tube all on her own, and began drinking from the bottle.

It quickly became apparent that, aside from her brain, Aniyah was a perfectly healthy little girl.

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She’s on just one regular medication, for reflux, and is so far hitting many milestones that doctors thought she would never make.

She can lift her head up and look around,” her mother told Caters News. “She’s so alert, she smiles and laughs, and she loves music, she’ll have a little dance.” 

In many ways, she’s a lot like her sister Sophia.

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Though Aniyah only has 10 percent of her brain, it’s anyone’s guess at this point how it will affect her development.

The twins are now 4 months old, and so far, neurologists are saying that the best course of action is to simply let Aniyah grow, and see what happens as she gets older.

The only way to know if Aniyah will ever crawl or talk is to let her try and see how it goes.

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While Aniyah is virtually certain to have brain damage from her condition and surgery, the brain is a pretty miraculous organ, and has been known to rewire itself before.

Maybe with her twin Sophia pushing her forward, Aniyah will hit even more milestones that her parents never dared to dream of.

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