Homeless Man Rushes Into Burning House After He Hears 2 Young Children Crying For Help

by Lindsey Smith
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I am one of those people who truly believes in fate — and this amazing fire rescue story only cements that feeling!

Anival Angulo is a 36-year-old homeless man in Las Vegas. He happened to be in the right place at the right time when a house caught on fire. Anival was walking by the house and noticed smoke coming from the building. “He then heard the children crying, he jumped a locked gate into the complex and found smoke coming out the security door,” the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue team wrote on Facebook.

The door was dead-bolted shut, but Anival didn’t give up. He bent it upward until the lock gave out and pried it open. He pulled a small girl and an infant out of the house to safety as firefighters came to put out the blaze.

“Both kids were taken to the hospital with minor smoke inhalation, both are expected to be okay,” the fire and rescue press release stated.

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On December 1, 2017, a Las Vegas residence caught on fire with two children inside.

Anival Angulo, 36, is a homeless resident of the city who happened to be walking by the building when he realized it was on fire.


Anival immediately rushed over to the home and tried to open the door.

“He jumped a locked gate into the complex and found smoke coming out the security door,” the fire department wrote online. “He saw the little girl standing near the door in the smoke-filled apartment. She could not open the door, so Angulo started pulling on the steel door and was able to bend it upward.”

The little girl ran to the homeless man and hugged him while he grabbed the infant and pulled them to safety.

Once firefighters arrived on the scene, they started controlling the flames.

“When firefighters arrived, flames and smoke were coming out the windows and door of one apartment of a one story wood frame apartment building with four units,” the fire department wrote. “Firefighters had the fire under control in less than 10 minutes.”

The house was completely ruined with $50,000 worth of damages done. Fortunately, lives were saved thanks to a brave stranger’s actions.

The children’s grandpa was in a back bedroom when the fire started, with the flames ruled an accident.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue credit the homeless man with saving the lives of the two children.

“Without the quick action of Angulo, the children would have probably suffered severe smoke inhalation with burns,” they wrote online. “His action certainly saved the children’s life.”

Many people who have read the story on Facebook are hoping Anival is given a job and housing for his heroic actions. The fire department certainly isn’t letting his actions go unrecognized.

The Las Vegas Fire Department recognized the man on Twitter for his heroic actions.

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