I Was SO Nervous When A Pack Of Wolves Approached This Woman… Then I Was Blown Away.

by Scott Neumyer
Scott Neumyer is a journalist, photographer, and bacon lover from central New Jersey.

Have you ever left your pet for an extended period of time while you were away on a trip? Do you remember the absolute joy that animal showed you when you walked through the door again?

It’s amazing! They jump up on your lap, lick your face, and wag their tails like a helicopter taking off for flight.

We’ve seen this a lot recently in videos of soldiers returning home from overseas duty. When they arrive home, their adorable pooch acts like it’s the greatest experience they’ve ever had. Now, imagine that same feelings in a small pack of wolves and you’ve got a good idea what the below video is all about.

The woman in the video, named Anita, worked at what was known as the Polar Zoo at the time (it’s now called Polar Park) for about two years helping to socialize wolves to human contact every single day of the week.

When this video was captured, she had been away from Polar Zoo for nearly 2 months and, as you can see, she gets quite the warm welcome when her wolves realize that Anita has returned.

As soon as they spot her, the four wolves dart into the picture as Anita takes a kneeling posture on the snow-covered ground. Within seconds, the wolves are jumping all over her, crying, and giving her kisses all over the face and mouth. It is an absolutely beautiful sight to behold and one that goes a long way to showing just how special the bond between humans and animals (even wild ones) can be.

If you’re wondering why Anita keeps opening her mouth when the wolves are licking her face, she’s mimicking a normal wolf trait. When wolves lick the teeth and mouth of another wolf, they are showing affection and showing submission. If Anita had not opened her mouth, they might read her approach completely differently (and maybe not in a friendly way).

What a beautiful video of some absolutely astonishing creatures!

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