Wild Animals Do The Weirdest Things When We Aren’t Looking And These Hidden Camera Pics Prove It

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

The beauty of hidden cameras is that you never know what you’ll find while scrolling through their footage.

That’s especially true for the folks who’ve placed cameras out in the woods near their homes, recording some adorable, wild animals in a way we rarely see with our own eyes.

Luckily, the motion sensors on the trail cameras were able to detect any strange nighttime behavior and even a few surprising moments throughout the daytime, too.

Deer seem to be most likely to show off their true nature when they think nobody’s looking — or recording. But there are also more than a few raccoons, birds, wolves, and even a wild hog in the mix!

Do you have any hidden cameras set up to keep an eye on the wild animals in your neck of the woods?

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1. I would have the exact same reaction to seeing a bat!

deer chased by bat on hidden camera

2. These raccoons really know how to party.

owl sneaking up on deer on hidden camera

3. Aw, he thinks he's a human.

deer walking on hidden camera

4. He finally found someone to help him stand up to his bully.

raccoon riding wild boar on hidden camera

5. "It's called fashion — look it up."

deer with twigs on hidden camera

6. She really hates the paparazzi.

bird attacking hidden camera

7. "Guess who!"

owl sneaking up on deer on hidden camera

8. "We really must stop meeting like this."

deers standing on hidden camera

9. Wolf pack summoning the full moon...

wolves on hidden camera

10. Someone is definitely ready for his close-up.

deer close up on hidden camera

11. A good mom always remembers to bring a snack.

mom deer feeding baby on hidden camera

Have you ever caught wild animals acting strangely when they think no one is looking?

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