Animal Sandals Turn Ordinary Strolls Into Walks On The Wild Side!

by Angel Chang
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Like any other kids aged between 5 and 8, my young nieces and nephews absolutely love going to the beach.

They love waddling out into the waters when the tide comes in, and love sinking their little toes into the soft, pebbly sand.

So when I saw that design company Kiko+ had made these fantastic new beach sandals just for kids, I was ecstatic!

They’re not just any ordinary beach sandals, however. When you flip them over, you’ll see that the soles have adorable little animal footprints on them.

These rubber-and-pine sandals have raised platforms in the shape of paw, foot, and claw prints of various animals, including a dog, a monkey, a gecko, an owl, and even a dinosaur.

Sure, you’ll see pretty spectacular things on the beach now and then, but these genius sandals really are truly amazing!

Scroll down to look at these awesome little footprint sandal creations, then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Animal footprint sandals

Japanese design company Kiko+ recently launched a new line of interesting footwear for kids.

Based on the design of traditional Japanese geta sandals, which resemble both clogs and flip-flops, these kids’ sandals flip over to reveal something truly special…

Animal footprint sandals

They’re called the “Ashiato” sandals. In Japanese, ashiato means “footprint,” and in this case, the soles of these sandals are carved into the shape of various animal footprints.

Animal footprint sandals

These little kids’ shoes are great as beach sandals, as they’ll make proper indents on the soft, sandy surface.

Founding designer Kaz Shiomi wanted to create shoes for kids that are fun and exciting to wear, and that allowed them to leave a mark wherever they went.

Dog Paw Print

Animal footprint sandals

These fun sandals come in five “footprints”: those of a dog, a monkey, a gecko, a dinosaur, and an owl.

Monkey And Gecko Footprints

Animal footprint sandals

All of the sandals are made with rubber and FSC-certified pinewood, by a standard that is eco-friendly and that promotes forest conservation around the world.

Dinosaur And Owl Claw Prints

Animal footprint sandals

These sandals are currently available for sale in select stores, and are shipped by Amazon.

It’s unclear if these beach sandals are also made in adult sizes, but we certainly hope so!

Animal footprint sandals

What an absolutely brilliant way to let kids have fun and experience the outdoors!

Animal footprint sandals

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