Angry-Faced Cat With Heart Of Gold Is Rescued From Abusive And Negligent Owners

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Animals with funny faces deserve just as much love as any other animal.

Whether they have something a little abnormal going on with their face, body, or eyes, they still need love and affection just like everyone else.

Take, for example, poor little Benson, whose owner suddenly passed away.

After staying under a neighbor’s care for a while, Benson eventually found a loving forever home — away from the abuse and neglect he had received.

Things weren’t looking good for the grumpy-faced cat that had many different infections and maladies all at once.

But thanks to the consistent kindness that his new home showed him, he improved amazingly!

Now he is a healthy, happy cat again, though you may not know it from the permanent scowl on his face.

Check below to see more photos of the funny-looking feline as he recovers in his forever home.

[H/T: The Dodo]

Benson (previously “Killer”) used to have a nice normal life with his previous owner until they suddenly passed away.

So he was taken in by the late owner’s neighbor — until they decided that they didn’t want him.

Family owners heard that Krissy O’Conner frequently fostered cats in the area, so they gave her a call to see if she wanted to take on poor Benson, which she excitedly obliged to!

“I rescue and foster lots of animals, and I was looking for an older cat to add to our permanent family,” O’Conner explained to the Dodo.

But when she took him in, she realized that he had been terribly cared for in his last home.

His fur was matted, he was very underweight, and he was unable to stand up all the way, even when walking.

She took him to the vet, and his many grim ailments were revealed: he had liver disease, eye and ear infections, urinary infections, and was extremely malnourished.

The vet even told her not to get too attached because the poor cat’s fate was basically sealed.

But Benson stubbornly carried on and, despite his manginess and malnourishment, began to recover! Within weeks, he was eating, standing up straight, and even being more social!

Despite his constantly cold scowl, Benson became a pretty happy cat. He loves playing and getting his picture taken, and is never far from O’Conner’s side.

Now that he’s been with his new family, he is comfortable and content to claim it as his own — and O’Conner says that he is spoiled rotten!

Even animals with the most grim fate manage to pull through; in Benson’s case, he survived to live a happy life with his new family.

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