Single Mom Must Choose To Pay Bills Or Buy Daughter’s Medication, Then Local Pharmacy Steps In

by Jess Butler
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Angie Armstrong is a giving single mom who would do anything for her kids. One day, she felt as if she couldn’t live up to that standard.

Her 8-year-old daughter McKenna needs a daily pill to help treat her medical condition.

“She had some struggles in the past and this was a medication that had just changed things for her,” Angie explains in the video below, posted on January 24, 2017.

However, Angie soon realized that her insurance stopped paying for McKenna’s medication. To make matters worse, Angie would have to shell out a whopping $700 each month to provide her daughter with the pills she needed.

The single mom says, “It was between paying our regular bills or getting her her medication.”

Because of this, Angie went to the pharmacy a few times a week to buy a few pills at a time. She was still fighting to get the medication covered by her insurance company through countless phone calls.

“I’m feeling like they just don’t really understand how important it is for her and for us as a family to have that medication,” Angie says in her interview.

During one visit to the pharmacy at a Hy-Vee in Johnston, IA, she vented to the staff, letting them in on the recent issue she and her family were facing. Luckily, the pharmacists listening to her complaints have can-do attitudes.

Eventually, Angie received a phone call. One of the pharmacists told her, “We have a coupon for you.” They explained that the pharmacy had worked something out and they would be able to covered the remaining 48 pills for that month. On top of that, they sent her a reimbursement for the $125 she had already spent.

The biggest gift of all? A large bouquet of yellow roses arrived at the Armstrong family’s doorstep — along with McKenna’s medication and an envelope containing a card and quite a bit of money.

“We just wanted to give her a little extra surprise, you know, since we knew how much stress she’s been over,” says pharmacist Jill Paul. “Just a random act of kindness.”

That random act of kindness brought the single mom to tears, knowing that she and her family would be OK.

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