Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Public Split And Says Time Away From Hollywood Made Her Stronger

by Jess Butler
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Angelina Jolie is more than just an actress. She’s a mom, a philanthropist, and an activist as well. The Hollywood A-lister proves that no matter who you are, you have to keep fighting when life gets you down.

In the last year, following a very public split from Brad Pitt and some health issues, Angelina took a complete break from the limelight. Now, she’s revealing why she stepped away for so long.

In the video below, posted on September 13, 2017, the mom of six beautiful children tells People Magazine, “I’ve had my ups and downs. I guess I’m a little bit stronger.”

After realizing the impact everything was having on her kids, Angelina withdrew and chose to spend her time with them, helping everyone heal together.

In the video below, she says she thinks her children are “itching to get out into the world again.”

She explains, “We’ve all been a bit in lockdown and going through some things. I think it would be good to get out there and play together.”

She also admits to having some new projects in the works, including Maleficent 2.

Surely, Angelina is doing everything she can to put the pieces back together again and move on to a fresh, new chapter of life with her kids!

Check out what else Angelina has to say about her past and her future in the video below, and please SHARE if you hope this devoted mom is feeling batter after such a difficult year!

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