Mom Notices Angel In Ultrasound, Two Years Later

by Emerald Pellot
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This photo of one mom’s ultrasound is going viral for one very special reason. Kelly Lewis shared the image with a friend who pointed out something the mother had never noticed.

If one looks closely, it looks as though an angel is blowing a kiss at the baby and blessing it! While there will be always be skeptics, many believe this is a sign the baby had a special visitor.

“Yes she certainly had an angel with her, perhaps she was afraid to enter our world and the angel was there to help and guide her — one very special little girl,” one commenter said. 

Ultrasounds can reveal all sorts of things occurring in the womb, another recent scan showed a baby giving the thumbs-up, while another showed the baby clapping his hands.

Perhaps, ultrasounds can give us a closer look at the inner-workings of the divine. No matter what you believe, I am sure you can agree the image is uncanny and beautiful…


When 26-year-old mother Kelly showed her friend an old pic of her 2-year-old’s ultrasound, he noticed something strange that she had never seen before.

“It looks just like an angel is leaning over my baby, with a cherub face as well hovering over the baby. It’s so clear, no one could believe their eyes when they saw it,” Kelly told the Mirror

In retrospect, the mom believes it makes total sense, since her little girl has been a gift to her.

“People said it looked like someone leaning over her keeping her safe. She is such a well-behaved little girl, it’s like she has been blessed,” she says.

Whether you think an angel is really there or it’s just wishful thinking, I think if we each look close enough at our little ones, we’ll see that one way or another someone is watching over them.

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