Marine Wanders Around Nordstrom In Uniform, Then Makes His Mom Scream At The Top Of Her Lungs

by Megan Wrappe
Megan is a writer from North Carolina who loves sports, sees way too many Broadway shows, and loves a good adventure! When she's not writing, you can find her curled up in bed with a Jane Austen book.

Like so many other Marines, Angel Burgos had been away from his family for too long: He hasn’t seen his mom in a year and 15 days.

So when he found out he had the chance to see her, he jumped at the opportunity to make a little surprise visit.

His mom works in the beauty department at a Nordstrom, and even though she was in the middle of a busy holiday shift on November 30, 2016, Angel knew this would be the perfect place to surprise her.

He meandered through the shelves in the makeup department as sneaky as he could be. Funny enough, his mom was so busy staring at her computer she didn’t even notice him.

The Marine stood in the middle of the store and handed his hat off to a friend before calmly walking up to his mom’s desk.

She was so hard at work that she barely heard him walk up to her. But then she took a look in the mirror in front of her and saw her son’s reflection.

At first she couldn’t believe it was actually him, but when the shock wore off, she let out a huge scream before giving her son a huge hug.

“Oh my God, I’m a terror right now,” she said into his shoulder, not even letting him go for a second.

She just couldn’t seem to believe that her son was actually in her arms, so she held onto him for dear life as she cried her eyes out.

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Video courtesy of Miranda Lynn

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