After Infant Has Terrifying Brain Aneurysm, Doctor Tells Mom He Put Super Glue In Her Head

by Amy Paige
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When Gina Julian’s daughter Ashlyn was just 3 weeks old, the nightmare first began. Baby Ashlyn suffered a seizure, and doctors determined she’d had a stroke.

There was bleeding on her brain, and if it ruptured again it could very well be fatal.

Dr. Koji Ebersole at the University of Kansas Hospital had his work cut out for him, as aneurysms are a rare occurrence among infants. He needed to figure out a way to stop the bleeding, but his medical tools weren’t small enough for Ashlyn’s teeny-tiny capillaries.

Even Gina knew things weren’t looking good for her daughter.

But then Dr. Ebersole came up with a groundbreaking solution: super glue.

He sent a glob of super glue of through a small catheter into Ashlyn’s brain in an effort to stop the blood from seeping in.

While Gina wondered if the glue would dissolve or remain there permanently, Ashlyn was kept in ICU for 28 days to avoid a life-threatening setback.

It’s been five years since the story of the “super glue baby” made international headlines, and you’re about to see if the super glue did its job.

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City.

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