Sister Begs Friends To Bring Pugs To Teen Brother’s Birthday BBQ, Then 80 Pug-Lovers Show Up

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Andrew, who is 14, had never had a birthday party. Andrew has autism, and he was always worried that if he had a birthday party, nobody would show up.

When Andrew was young, he was bullied a lot and didn’t have many friends. Because he was lonely, he started creating imaginary friends to play with. T

he unique thing about Andrew’s imaginary friends, though, is that they’re all pugs.

As the years went by, Andrew’s love of pugs grew — almost everything he owns is pug-themed, his sister said. From backpacks to t-shirts, he’s got it all.

Two weeks before Andrew’s birthday, his older sister, McKenna, decided she wanted to throw Andrew a party — and she had the brilliant idea to throw him a pug party.

With that idea in mind, McKenna turned to Facebook and asked her friends if anyone had a pug they could bring to Andrew’s birthday BBQ.

The response she got blew her away.

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pug party
McKenna Louise Little

McKenna’s little brother, Andrew, had never had a birthday party, so she decided to set one up with a bit of a surprise.

Because Andrew loves pugs, McKenna asked her Facebook friends if any of them had a pug they could bring to the party.

But three days before the birthday party, nobody had RSVP’d that they owned a pug.

McKenna was starting to get worried that her idea wouldn’t come together, but then she got a surprising message.

cute pugs
McKenna Louise Little

McKenna told LittleThings:

Nobody had yet RSVP’d that owned a pug.

All of a sudden, a woman I didn’t know at the time messaged me, telling me that somehow a big pug rescue shelter in Los Angles got ahold of my post and shared it.

Within hours over 50 people with pugs RSVP’d! I was in such shock!

andrew surprised
McKenna Louise Little

Even people who couldn’t bring their pugs to the party offered to send gifts and birthday cards to Andrew (mostly pug-themed).

Soon, McKenna was getting messages from all over the world.

Three days later, the party was a-go.

When Andrew and his family got to the park for the BBQ, there were already 15 pugs there waiting to surprise him.

andrew pugs
McKenna Louise Little

Throughout the course of the party, over 80 pugs and their owners came to visit and wish Andrew a happy birthday.

And Andrew was definitely shocked — McKenna explained:

He kept asking “Is that a pug?!” to each dog because he just couldn’t believe his eyes. As if he didn’t believe it was real life.

andrew holding pug
McKenna Louise Little

McKenna also said that everyone who came to the party was emotional and inspired by Andrew’s excitement.

Andrew was so in love with all the pugs that he spent most of the party sitting on the ground just letting the pugs come meet him.

news pug
McKenna Louise Little

Everyone who came to the party absolutely loved it, and Andrew loved the party best of everyone.

He even told McKenna that it was his best birthday ever and he wants to have a pug party every year.

How amazing is this big sister? It’s so incredible that she had such a great idea for her little brother’s birthday.

McKenna Louise Little

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