News Anchor Slams Viewer Who Told Her To Dress ‘Like A Normal Woman’ After She Wore Pants On Air

by Angela Andaloro

An Oregon news anchor had a response for a viewer who wrote in about her fashion choices. Maggie Vespa works at KGW-TV in Portland.

She received a Facebook message from a viewer telling her to “dress like a normal woman” because she often wears pants on-air.

Maggie addressed the message from a man named Jeffrey while she was live on the air. The message read, “Just wanted to let you know that the clothes you’ve been wearing, especially those crazy pants that ride half way up your torso, are not cool looking, in any way! … You’re way too pretty to look so foolish.”

“This is dumb,” Maggie responded.

“We know that. These are my pants. I like them. I bought them.” Maggie went on to show photos of five different pairs of high-waisted pants that she wore in the week following Jeffrey’s message. Maggie’s colleagues also got in on it, donning high-waisted pants.

Maggie wants people to know that the way she dresses doesn’t concern them. Anyone should be free to dress however they choose and feel comfortable without the commentary of others. “Dress how you want, look how you want, and if anybody tries to make you feel less than because of that, that’s their problem,” she said.

We have a feeling Jeffrey may stop sending those messages after the on-air shutdown.

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