Little Monkey Keeps Falling Off Branches, Then Surgeons Realize She Needs Human Eye Surgery

by Tasina Berkey
Tasina has worked in radio broadcasting and online blogging. She enjoys long walks on the beach.

A golden lion tamarin by the name of Ana just got a second chance at life.

Ana is 13-years old and is getting into her mature years. Recently, caretakers at the Akron Zoo in Ohio noticed that Ana was having trouble getting around her exhibit.

It was then discovered that the golden lion tamarin had developed cataracts in her eyes.

Ana ended up being moved to an off exhibit area that benefitted the endangered primate’s deteriorating vision.

Luckily for Ana, doctors came in to perform a surgery that would help her regain her vision.

According to Fox 8, veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Emily Conway said “Cataract surgery has been performed on various non-human primates before, but to the best of our knowledge, it has never been performed on a primate with a similar size of a golden lion tamarin,”

Dr. William Wiley, the medical director of the clinic where Ana got her procedure done said: “We used some of our micro-instruments for the surgery, and even had to fashion new instruments to fit in her eyes. While tamarin eyes have similar anatomy of humans, it took more care and precision working on a much smaller scale with Ana.”

Ana being such a tiny thing that she is made the procedure a tad more difficult, but thankfully it was a success. Now, hopefully Ana will be swinging on branches like nothing ever happened

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Footage provided by WJW

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