Struggling Mom Texts The Wrong Man By Mistake, Then He Says He’s Coming To Find Her

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Amy Rickel, a mother of three, had recently fallen on hard times. She moved her kids to Green Bay, WI, so her kids could be closer to their dad. But in the process, Amy became homeless and jobless with three young kids to raise.

Then, Amy’s car broken down. They were living out of a hotel room, but once her money ran out, they had nowhere to go: all of the local shelters that accepted children had three-month wait lists.

At the most desperate time in her life, Amy decided to reach out to her friends and ask for prayers. She wanted to send a private Facebook message to her friend Brian, but ended up sending it to a stranger with a similar name.

The second she realized her mistake, Amy quickly apologized to Brian Van Boxtel.

“Oops! Wrong message!” she texted.

Amy began sobbing and praying. She was already feeling absolutely hopeless, and now she was embarrassed. But in that very moment, she received a message back from the man she’d accidentally messaged.

Brian believed Amy had messaged him for a reason.

What happened in the wake of that one accidental Facebook message — and what unfolded over the course of the next nine days — is now being called a Christmas miracle.

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