Amy Schumer Is Already Getting Mommy-Shamed For Going Back To Work Two Weeks After Giving Birth

by Angela Andaloro

Amy Schumer may be a new parent, but she’s already dedicated to being a supermom. Just two weeks after giving birth to her son, Amy was back on-stage.

The comedian and her husband, Chris Fischer, welcomed baby Gene into the world on May 5, 2019.

This quick return to work is especially surprising (and impressive!) considering Amy had such a difficult time during her pregnancy. The Trainwreck star battled hyperemesis gravidarum throughout her pregnancy, which made it difficult for the comedian to perform. She canceled a number of performances as a result, so she was naturally eager to get back out there.

Amy made a return to stand-up with a performance at the Comedy Cellar on May 20. She posted a photo of the performance with the caption “I’m back!” While many moms praised Amy for getting back out there so soon, there was a lot of criticism directed toward her as well. Many thought that she didn’t give her body enough time to heal before heading back to work.

The comments were pretty brutal. One user wrote, “Jesus, Amy. Let the stitches dissolve first.” Another rather crudely added, “Like, I can still smell your placenta… take a damn break ffs.”

Another commenter even suggested that Amy’s return to work was somehow an “excuse to hire a nanny” for her newborn. Which… ugh.

For what it’s worth, Amy seemed to have an excellent time performing, and she did great. While it’s nice that other people have expressed concern for her healing, she’s ultimately an adult. She’s perfectly capable of knowing what her body can and cannot handle — and making her own parenting decisions.

And of course, Amy had the perfect comeback for all the haters. She shared a hilarious photo of herself pumping breast milk alongside the caption, “Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!”

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