Amy Schumer Shares Hospital Pic On Instagram After Developing Pregnancy Complications

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Amy Schumer has had to cancel her comedy tour due to hyperemesis gravidarum, or severe morning sickness.

The 37-year-old comedian announced in October that she’s pregnant with her first child with her husband, Chris Fischer. Last week, she posted an ultrasound video of her little one in the womb and revealed that she’s been struggling with nausea.

“Oh my God, oh my God! See? It has so much energy — that’s why I’m puking every day,” Amy said in the video.

Yesterday, she took to Instagram again to explain that her morning sickness has become so bad, she’s now in the hospital.

“I am in the hospital,” Amy wrote. “I’m fine. Baby’s fine but everyone who says the 2nd trimester is better is not telling the full story.”

Amy apologized to her fans in Texas for having to postpone her shows there.

“Texas I am really really sorry and I’ll be out there as soon as I’m better.”

In late October, Amy Schumer announced that she and her husband, Chris Fischer, are expecting their first child.

The comedy star posted a video of her watching an ultrasound of the baby last Monday. In the process, she revealed that she’s been pretty ill during her pregnancy.

“It has so much energy — that’s why I’m puking every day,” Amy said at the time.

As a result, she has to cancel her shows for now.


“Texas I am so deeply sorry. I have been really looking forward to these shows. I have to reschedule,” Amy wrote on Instagram.

“I am in the hospital. I’m fine. Baby’s fine but everyone who says the 2nd trimester is better is not telling the full story,” she continued. “I’ve been even more ill this trimester.”

“I have hyperemesis and it blows. Very lucky to be pregnant but this is some bulls***!”

Hyperemesis gravidarum is a much, much more severe version of morning sickness, an ob-gyn and women’s health expert told PopSugar. It’s more intense than the standard nausea that most pregnant women experience.

“With HG, eating and drinking is a nightmare; the nausea and vomiting can become so severe it leads to weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration, and even possible hospitalization,” Sherry Ross, MD, said.

HG can be caused by hormonal changes, a blood sugar imbalance, psychological factors, or other issues.

But things tend to improve in the second half of pregnancy, Dr. Ross explained — so hopefully, the worst is almost over for Amy.

The condition is miserable, but not uncommon. Fans who have experienced hyperemesis are flocking to Amy’s post to commiserate and send her hope that it’ll get better.


“With my third (my daughter) ALL NINE MONTHS. Till the day I delivered her. It was miserable. Let me know if you need any more pep talks 😘,” one commenter wrote.

Other celebrities have also struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy, including Kate Middleton and Tori Spelling.

We hope Amy feels better soon! Hang in there, girl!