80 Pairs Of Feet Poke Out From Under Cottage As Amish Community Lifts Up House And Moves It

by Andrea Wunderlich
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I’ve seen my fair share of houses moving in my home state of Georgia.

If you set up a couple of lawn chairs and brew some fresh sweet tea, you can really make a day out of watching a good house move.

The entire process has always fascinated me. From moving the house off its foundation to shimmying it onto the truck, I’ve never quite been able to believe what I was seeing.

But have you ever seen a house move with no truck?

That’s exactly what happens in this video of a house move in an Amish community.

From the start, something doesn’t seem right. You can see a pretty fair-sized white house that seems to be haphazardly sitting in the middle of a field.

Then, the house lifts a few feet off the ground, and you can see dozens of feet poking out from underneath the structure!

Rather than use a truck, the people in this video decided to use a little manpower to get the job done!

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Thumbnail Photo: Facebook / Mission to Amish People

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