Halloween Express Has Made A Map Of Each US State’s Least Favorite Candy

by Gwendolyn Plummer
Gwen is a writer, reader, hockey fan, concert goer, and lunchtime enthusiast.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

I’m a big fan of a Reese’s peanut butter cup, which I know is a pretty popular opinion.

But there are hundreds of candies out there — and not everyone agrees on which is the best.

Halloween Express, a store specializing in Halloween costumes and decorations, has just published a map that they say shows each state’s least favorite Halloween candy.

I have to say, I’m pretty surprised by the results.

In 21 states, the least favorite was the classic Halloween staple candy corn. I know candy corn can be a controversial treat, but I definitely didn’t realize how many people truly hate it!

In New York, my home state, licorice took the title. Licorice is by far my favorite movie snack, so I’m pretty bummed out by that statistic — but I guess it just means more for me.

The favorite candy in most states is, unsurprisingly, Reese’s cups. At least we got that one right!

No matter what you get in your trick-or-treat bucket, candy is candy. Plus, a savvy trick-or-treater can easily trade their way to a bucket filled with Reese’s cups!

What do you think of the map? Do you agree with the selection for your state? You can check out the full survey which includes even more maps over on Halloween Express’ website.

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