Dancer Leaps Off Giant Rocking ‘Ark’ Onstage, Then Mel B Yells, ‘Oh My God!’ When She Lands

by Jess Catcher
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As any dancer who takes those brave steps onto the America’s Got Talent stage can tell you, it takes a lot to impress the judges.

But as you can also tell in the clip below, dance troupe Diavolo definitely managed to impress with their high-flying routine during their audition.

The group of talented dancers added an extra element of intrigue to their intricate choreography with a massive rocking structure placed right in the middle of the stage. Their balance was impeccable as they swayed the wooden half-circle back and forth, and continued their own gliding steps across its surface.

The judges’ jaws started to drop when the troupe used the structure to catapult a few of the dancers through the air. Mel B’s reaction was especially priceless!

She wasn’t the only one floored by their incredible routine. As the camera pans across her fellow judges and the crowd behind her, it’s clear Diavolo made a huge impact on everyone in the theater.

It definitely seemed like members of the audience were a bit scared for the dancers’ safety as they wobbled around on the rocky structure. Thankfully, they had no trouble mastering their steps despite the uneven ground.

Take a look to see their whole amazing performance!

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