America’s Got Talent Anna Clendening Fights Depression And Stuns The Judges

by Paul Morris
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Just a few months ago Anna Clendening was suffering the horrible effects of depression and severe anxiety.

The fear and self-hatred sapped her energy so badly that she couldn’t even get out of bed.

Ever since she was a little girl she’s always had to deal with anxiety, but it wasn’t until recently that she began to suffer from the worst bout of it she’s ever experienced.

Depression doesn’t just hurt the person it’s attacking either; her poor parents were powerless and felt like utter failures as they helplessly watched their daughter waste away.

But then the healing properties of music found its way into the suffering girl’s heart.

And as she began to gain more and more confidence in her guitar skills and her singing, she finally found her own voice and the proper tools she needed to beat back this horrible disease.

So when she was told to get onstage in front of the four intimidating judges of America’s Got Talent, she nearly backed away from the experience. But with some help from Nick Canon, she finally built up her confidence and gingerly walked onstage to the thunderous applause of thousands of eager fans.

Though she was initially horrified, she finally got over her fears and self-doubt, and when she finally began to sing… Let’s just say that she’s finally found a way to beat down the depression!

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