71-Year-Old Dancer Gives Inspiring Performance On ‘AGT,’ Proving Age Is Just A Number

by Madison Vanderberg

America’s Got Talent is often a weekly parade of inspiring performances, but a fiery and talented ballroom dancer just stole the show.

Quin — a 71-year-old ballroom dancer — and her dance partner Misha wowed the judges (and even made a few tear up) with their dance performance, but it was guest judge Martina McBride who was especially impressed by the older dancer.

“Wow! You know you say you want to inspire people of a certain age, but you inspired everybody of all ages,” Martina gushed. “It was truly a remarkable performance… it just really moved me.” Martina then gave them the Golden Buzzer, which means that Quin is going straight to the live show.

One of the most inspiring things about Quin is that she discovered dancing at age 60. “I want to show the world, hey listen, just because you’re 60, 70 — don’t sit there,” she revealed in a clip from the show.

It was this tenacity that Martina found especially uplifting, saying, “There are so many people that just kind of give up at a certain point in life. I would really think that the message is something that so many people can benefit from.”

We love Quin’s story on America’s Got Talent because she proves that there is no such thing as “too late.” Watch her stellar dance performances in the video below!

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