She Opens A Card From Her Friend And Suddenly Realizes She’s ‘Not Alone’

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Couples dealing with infertility often find themselves on an extremely emotional journey.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly one in eight couples will experience infertility, though each case is different.

Infertility can be a difficult and lonely struggle. For the friends and family of those dealing with the issue, it is often hard to find the right words to say in such a sensitive situation, especially for those who haven’t experienced it themselves.

When Alyce saw her friend Sarah struggling to get pregnant, she too didn’t know how to comfort her. That’s why she decided to meet her for lunch and express her emotions through a card.

“I can’t know what you’re feeling,” the card read, “but I’m here for you.”

In a short but sweet inscription, Alyce added, “You’re not alone.”

Alyce didn’t need to say much, as the card got her point across beautifully — and Sarah was brought to tears by her good friend’s thoughtful sentiment.

Alyce and Sarah’s story illustrates American Greetings‘ goal to show that something as simple as a card can make all the difference in the right moment.

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