Childless Farmer Passes Away, Then EMTs Read His Will And Realize He Donated $200,000 Ambulance

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Paying it forward is the most generous, kind thing a person can do. It’s even more heartwarming when someone does it after they’ve passed away.

Fred Pitzner was a childless, retired local farmer in Gaylord, MN. After he passed away, it was discovered that in his will he’d left the folks working on the EMT crew in Gaylord a nearly $200,000 ambulance as a surprise gift.

The crew was absolutely shocked to receive such an incredible and useful gift. But Gaylord Ambulance President, Tom Webster, thought of a perfect solution for what to do with their old ambulance. They were going to pay it forward and donate the old ambulance to Comfrey, MN.

However, before the Gaylord crew received their new ambulance and Comfrey got the old ambulance,Webster was hit by a gravel truck while riding his bike and killed. The family of EMTs were all devastated that he did not get to see his kind act in use. But the story of Webster’s and Pitzner’s kind acts does not just end there.

The Comfrey team donated their old ambulance, which is 27 years old, to the EMTs in Sanborn. Most people would think such an old truck would be useless, but the team in Sanborn has never even had an ambulance before. They’ve been driving their own cars to respond to calls. They are overjoyed by the kindness.

You can see the entire chain of kind acts in the video below and truly will be moved by their thoughtfulness! Paying it forward is a wonderful thing to see, like these strangers who helped a father and his blind sons.

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