Epoxy Floors Are Completely Transforming The Interior Design Game

by Rebecca Landman
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As any seasoned interior designer will tell you, the right flooring can make or break a room.

When designing or redesigning our homes, we typically pay a great deal of attention to which eye-level furnishings we choose, such as our couches, chairs, dining room sets, and so on.

However, how much mind are we really paying our floors?

Recently, the internet has become completely obsessed with epoxy polymer flooring, and all the different ways designers and DIY-ers alike can use this product to breathe new life into otherwise drab rooms.

Whether you are adding epoxy polymer to raw cement to boost shine and dimension, or coating it over an amazing 3D floor, using this product allows your decorating imagination to truly run wild.

Harnessing your floor’s beauty can completely transform the look and feel of any space!

Scroll through below to see how countless designers are upgrading their floors to create truly inspirational rooms all over the world.

epoxy floors

With interior design, a great room starts with great flooring.

And lately, the internet has become newly obsessed with epoxy polymer floors, and how they can open homeowners up to dramatic interior design possibilities.

setting epoxy floors

Epoxy polymer can completely transform an otherwise boring concrete floor into a truly exquisite and original component of any room.

settling epoxy

Creating these fancy projects can verge on the side of complex. However, the resulting floors are completely worth the time and effort.

epoxy flooring

In its simpler applications, epoxy polymer lends a shiny, three-dimensional quality to floors, making them feel upscale and polished.

epoxy floors

This glossy finish feels elegant and classic, while still popping more than a customary hardwood might.

What really has the internet buzzing, though, involves going one step further than simply applying the epoxy polymer to raw surfaces.

It involves turning your floor into a three-dimensional masterpiece.


How incredible is this? By first applying a layer of self-leveling screed, then overlaying a 3D image and covering it all with a coat of epoxy polymer, this floor completely springs to life, looking exactly like a garden.

epoxy floors

Using this technique frees designers from the limitations that paint, wood, tile, metal, and other stagnant materials otherwise impose.

epoxy floors

Suddenly, using this technique, the world becomes an interior designer’s oyster.

More often than not, we’re seeing this technique used to bring the movement and beauty of nature indoors.

There’s something so calming about natural elements like this babbling brook, which immediately gives this bathroom a tranquil feel.

epoxy train floor

This décor technique is also moving outside the home.

In Korea, an artist used this technique to breathe new life into a commuter train, transforming the floor into a beachy scene.

epoxy flooring

Floors like these certainly make bath time feel 10 times more fun!

epoxy floors

The process affords you a real opportunity to get creative and imbue your home with personal style.

This blogger customized her kitchen floor with a cozy floral pattern.

epoxy floors

This flooring technique can also venture off down an ever-increasingly creative path, transforming any room into a masterpiece of the imagination.

The art of photography, capturing moments of real life on film, was once game-changing in and of itself.

Now, photography has a new opportunity to transport anything in the world right onto your floors.

epoxy polymer floors

Thanks to this flooring technique, interior design exploded with new possibilities!

What do you think of these floors? How would you use epoxy polymer to transform a room in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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