These Birdhouses Are So Spectacular, You’ll Want To Live In Them Yourself

by Ariana Seigel
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I absolutely love crafting projects that also help out animals in need.

Whether it’s assembling a fun play space for my favorite feline or building a giant ball pit for my dog’s birthday, creating something from scratch for an animal I love is always a satisfying experience.

That’s why when I saw what countless DIY-ers were building for their favorite birds, I was totally stunned. Folks around the world are taking DIY birdhouses to the absolute next level!

Regardless if it’s a three-story home for a woodpecker or a tiny house made from Legos for a local hummingbird, these incredible structures are truly a sight to behold.

And the best part? With just a little glue, a few pieces of wood, and some real imagination, a DIY birdhouse is the perfect quick crafting project for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

These epic bird homes are so cozy, you might just want to live in them yourself!

Which of these incredible birdhouses would you want in your yard? Let us know in the comments.

Often, when we think about birdhouses, we picture humble little wooden structures with four walls, a roof, and a circular opening — but they can be so much more than that!

With a little imagination, a birdhouse can become a fantastical and dazzling treat for the eye.

While some might prefer more traditional structures, these birdhouses demonstrate how far a little imagination and creativity can go.

Any kind of material and technology can be used to create a birdhouse — even a 3D printer!

But rustic materials — like an old ladder or some simple sticks — can work just as well, too.

But birdhouses are more than just fun backyard features. They provide safe environments for local birds — and with the right building materials, they can help our planet, too!

Recycling old materials that would have otherwise been sent to a landfill can help our planet, too.

Even unwanted items around your house can be used to make an upcycled birdhouse — like books you were planning to throw away.

Your garage, too, is probably storing plenty of old materials that can be upcycled.

Fence posts, wine corks, bottle caps — the possibilities are truly endless!

But you can get creative with more than just materials. Get inventive with the location of your birdhouse, too!

You don’t just have to use the typical stake or rope. Wrap your birdhouses around a tree!

Or dangle them from a branch in a unique way!

Glass can be a great way to reinvent birdhouses, too.

It can add a very elegant touch to your backyard bird sanctuary.

So long as your birdhouses provide the basics of shelter, birds are sure to enjoy whatever you provide.

Though it certainly helps when you offer them a healthy range of snacks! Just watch out for squirrels and raccoons…

If you could build your ideal birdhouse, what would it look like?

Would you want any of these birdhouses in your backyard? Let us know in the comments.

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