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Depressed Puppy Refuses To Play, So They Start To Euthanize Him. Then Doctor Sees A Tick

by Paul Morris
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It’s hard to believe that there are actually people out there who would give up on a dog simply because they think he’s too depressing to be around; because when you look at little baby Simba, it becomes painfully obvious that this puppy is only sad because something is horribly wrong inside of his little body.

Instead of taking the little puppy to the vet, they decided to throw him away like garbage. Just when he needed the love and help of a human more than ever, they abandoned him, and said that this hopeless little dog needed to be euthanized simply because he refused to play.

Thankfully, little Simba was rescued from his high kill shelter, and the doctors and vets realized he had a tick on him, and saw something strange. This poor little dog was suffering from a tick fever and a multitude of other sicknesses that had totally wrecked his energy.

It’s no surprise that he didn’t want to play, with the constant fever beating him down so hard. It’s hard to believe that this little angel somehow managed to stand up and walk on his two legs! Even Simba’s friend who is also in the kennel looks depressed and weak, but it should be noted that he gets saved too!

Thankfully, the doctors set him up with a good and healthy way to recover. While he’s got quite a lot of work ahead of him until he’s totally back to normal, something tells us that with his new foster family, he’ll become strong again, learn how to play again, and eventually find a loving forever home who would never abandon him in his moment of need!

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