Amanda Kloots Helps Complete One Of Her Husband Nick Cordero’s Unfinished Songs

by Sarah Bregel
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Amanda Kloots has been keeping busy since the loss of her husband, Nick Cordero. Now she’s letting her followers know about a new project she’s been working on.

She just helped to complete one of her musician husband’s unfinished songs with the help of family friend and composer Rickey Minor.

Amanda has been openly grieving after the death of her husband. The fitness trainer and social media star has captured hearts across the world with her posts about Nick, who died last month after a lengthy battle with COVID-19. Through her unimaginable grief, Amanda is trying to pick up the pieces of her life as she copes with losing her husband, who was just 41 years old at the time of his death.

She’s been an absolute force, never shying away from sharing her vulnerability and strength with the world. Her new project is just another way for her to show her love for her husband and, hopefully, help her to heal.

Amanda just told her fans on Wednesday that she helped to finish one of Nick’s songs. The 38-year-old told her followers on Instagram that she teamed up with musician and composer Rickey Minor to complete one of her husband’s tracks. Nick had started the song but never got to finish it himself.

It was clearly a really incredible experience for Amanda. “Tonight I got to work with musical legend Rickey Minor on a very special song, a Nick Cordero original,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of herself and Rickey at a recording studio.The two wore masks in the photo, but you can definitely tell they have huge smiles on their faces.

Amanda has been the picture of grace and strength over the past several months. She shared Nick’s COVID-19 battle with the world, and everyone watching was hoping he would eventually come home to Amanda and their 1-year-old son, Elvis. Sadly, after a lengthy battle with the virus, Nick’s body relented. He died a little over a month ago.

Amanda is doing her best to carry on, and no matter what, she keeps moving. She shares exercise videos with her fans, inspiring others to take care of themselves no matter what is going on in their lives. And she also shares her painful moments, which is inspiring in an entirely different way. She’s absolutely not afraid to be honest about what her grief looks like.

Her latest move is even more deeply inspiring. She said, “Nick wrote a song about his losing and missing his father, called Not Far Away. He posted it on Instagram, but only wrote one verse and chorus,” she explained. “Our friend Maddox had the idea for me to write the second verse and then sing a duet with Nick. Rickey and @lennywee helped me, added our voices together, mixed and arranged it, then added beautiful strings and chimes to create this new duet.”

It had to be an incredibly healing experience for Amanda to take part in helping to finish one of Nick’s songs, rather than let it exist in its incomplete form. She also shared that it made her feel close to her husband. “This was one special night… I got to sing with Nick!” she continued in her post. “It was hard living up to my husbands vocals but I closed my eyes and pretended we were onstage singing this song together. I cried a lot, but Rickey guided me through it every step of the way.”

She spoke more about the experience in her Instagram stories, saying, “It made me feel very close to Nick, like he was with me.” No doubt, it hasn’t been easy for her to be without her husband. As her grief settles in, the reality of her loss has been getting harder. She’s a fighter, though. Finding different ways to remember her husband and to honor him shows how deep their love was and how committed she is to keeping him present in her son’s life.

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She’s been revealing more about how tough it’s gotten to get through the days. However, Amanda always shares her gratitude for how others have uplifted her during this time. “I’ve been exhausted and emotionally drained, but I’ve had a lot of help, which has been wonderful,” she said. “Kind of doing this tonight was therapeutic.”

Amanda also previously announced that a live recording of her husband’s last cabaret show will be released on September 17 to coincide with his birthday. A tribute concert celebrating his life is scheduled to take place Labor Day weekend on Broadway on demand. As all of Nick’s friends, family, and fans continue to mourn his death, there will undoubtedly be a lot of people tuning in.

Amanda continues to be show her love for Nick. But for everyone who has lost a loved one, her posts are so heartwarming and relatable. Not only is she sharing her struggles and her grief, she’s helping to remind so many people that it’s possible to keep going no matter what. She’s a true inspiration and a light in a world that sometimes feels so dark.