Boyfriend Calls Her A ‘Fat Piece Of Garbage,’ But She Drastically Transforms And Gets Revenge

by Barbara Diamond
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Alvina Rayne wasn’t always overweight. It wasn’t until she got involved in an abusive relationship that she began eating junk food and feeling depressed.

The mother from Philadelphia turned to fatty and sugary foods to cope with the verbal abuse she faced on a regular basis. Like many people in these types of relationships, Alvina wasn’t strong enough to leave him… not yet.

At her heaviest weight, 274 pounds, Alvina’s boyfriend called her a “fat piece of garbage” who would never be able to lose the weight or meet another man. With high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and anxiety attacks, her health was in a downward spiral.

But in 2009, Alvina had had enough. She knew something had to change, and fast. Especially since she had children who depended on her.

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Alvina Rayne, 32, is a mother from Philadelphia.

Alvina was involved in an abusive relationship. As a result, she developed a dual diagnosis of depression and food addiction.

Because of her terrible eating habits, Alvina became so overweight that she had to buy clothing in men’s sizes. Even walking up and down the stairs became exhausting.

body transformations
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When she reached her heaviest weight at 274 pounds, Alvina’s cruel boyfriend called her a “fat piece of garbage” and “ugly.”

body transformations
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To cope with his verbal and emotional abuse, Alvina only ate more. Sugary cereals and fast foods became her salvation.

The young mother suffered from high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, left ventricular hypertrophy and severe anxiety.

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Her boyfriend continued to manipulate her, but Alvina was so depressed that she couldn’t leave him.

Whenever she hinted at leaving, he would tell her that no one would want her and that she was “worthless and never lose the weight even if I tried.”

But after years of abuse and emotional turmoil, something inside Alvina finally clicked.

Gathering all the strength she possible could, Alvina dumped her boyfriend, once and for all.

body transformations
Alvina Rayne

Not only did Alvina get rid of her abusive boyfriend, but in 2009 she made a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul.

She switched to a low-carb keto diet. Whenever she struggled or hit a plateau, she would remind herself of all the things her ex told her. “No one will want you” became the driving force behind her stunning transformation; Alvina set out to prove him wrong…

…and she lost 130 pounds!

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With her inspiring video blogs, Alvina now helps inspire others to make healthier choices.

After dropping 130 pounds, Alvina ran into her ex-boyfriend’s mother who was blown away by her new appearance. News traveled fast.

Lo and behold, her ex-boyfriend called her up and said, “I heard you put on some hotness.” Not only that, but he tried to get her back!

But Alvina told him there was not a chance in the world that would ever happen.

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Alvina is now happily married to Sascha, a man who treats her “like gold.”

Who’s got the last laugh now?!

body transformations
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“I want others to know that they can start their life completely over,” Alvina says.

“You don’t have to stay where you are, it’s so powerful to realize that you are in control of your body and life.”

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