Mom Who Lost All Of Her Hair Wins Beauty Pageant

by Jessica Rothhaar
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It may sound a little frivolous to some, but there are many women and men out there that believe their hair is a solid part of their identity.

Plenty of people, including myself, can remember their worst haircuts and even their best hair days. I’ll never forget the one hot summer before eighth grade that I decided to chop off my long blonde hair — it was down to my waist!

I requested a nice cut to my shoulders, but, to my horror, the inexperienced stylist turned my once flowing locks into a boyish bob right before my eyes. My mom and dad comforted me as I sobbed. They told me it’s just hair; it will grow back!

Of course, it did grow back, and I haven’t cut my hair past my shoulders since that experience. For a short time, I felt like I’d lost a part of myself because I looked so different.

My short-lived experience is a lifelong reality for those diagnosed with alopecia. The condition causes hair loss all over the body. The condition can leave those it affects with a lack of self-confidence and feeling like a piece of their identity is missing.

One mom of four decided she wasn’t going to let her diagnosis bring her down. Scroll down to find out how she gained her confidence back, and let us know what you think of her inspiring story in the comments!

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Michelle Moffatt, a 34-year-old mother of four, first realized something was off when she was taking a shower one day. A large clump of hair fell right out.

When I first lost my hair I was distraught,” Moffatt explained to Daily Mail.

“It wasn’t until I took a photo of the back of my head that I realized how much had fallen out.”

A friend of Moffatt’s mentioned a fundraiser for cancer patients called “Brave the Shave.”

Figuring this was a chance for her hair to start a fresh regrowth, she shaved the rest of her hair off for charity.

To Moffatt’s surprise, her hair never grew back. After that, her eyelashes and brows began to fall out as well.

“I didn’t recognize myself at all, it was awful,” Moffatt explained.

With the support of her husband, children, and friends, Moffatt began to gain her confidence back.

She learned how to apply makeup to accentuate her features from helpful YouTube videos and even got eyebrows tattooed on.

A year after her diagnosis, a friend suggested that Moffatt enter the Miss Bombshell Pageant. Although she was hesitant, she decided to give it a try.

Feeling overweight and bald, I told the organizers straight away that I wasn’t going to be their usual candidate, but they were more than happy for me to be part of the pageant,” said Moffatt.

The beautiful and confident mother of four took first place.

“The pageant gave me so much more confidence in myself, I would never have entered if my friend hadn’t of [sic] given me the push I needed,” explained Moffatt.

“I couldn’t believe that after everything I had been through in the past year that something so positive had come out of it all,” Moffatt told Daily Mail.

“I felt proud to have alopecia and to educate everyone about the condition.”

Although Moffatt is so proud of her baldness that she even got a tattoo on the top of her head to commemorate her experience, she does like to wear an array of wigs from time to time.

“Putting a wig on made me feel like the old Michelle again,” Moffatt explained.

In September of this year, this confident beauty will compete for the world finals in Gibraltar.

I can’t wait and I am so grateful to Alopecia UK for helping me out with my sponsorship,” Moffatt said. 

“Nowadays when I look in the mirror I see me. I am Michelle — bald or hair on or headscarf — I am me,” said Moffatt.

Watch the video of Moffatt putting on her makeup and wig below, and let us know what you think of her amazing journey in the comments.

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