Woman Scalped By Fan Belt After Lifting Hood Of Car To Fix Mechanical Issue

by Emerald Pellot
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Alon Abare is wearing wigs to conceal her injuries. One day, she went to check on a mechanical issue with her car.

She opened the hood and leaned in. Then, her long locks got caught in the fan belt.

“I just without thinking reached in, and when I did so, my hair got caught,” said the mother of four from New York.

Fortunately, she yelled for help and her whip-smart children came to her aid. Her son got into the car and turned off the engine while her daughter cut her hair free with scissors.

“I just said, ‘I need you guys to find a pair of scissors and I just need you to cut mommy’s hair out so that I can get out,’” she recalled.

“They were focused and they were driven by, I think, you know, they wanted to save their mom.”

Dr. Keimun Slaughter, who has been treating Alon, says that after her scalp heals, she’ll be able to receive a hair transplant.

“I can put my wig on and I can go out and it seems like nothing changed. I can pretend that I’m the same,” she said tearfully. “Mentally, it is difficult.”

Alon has come forward with her story to warn others about being mindful when opening the hood of their car. Auto safety expert Lauren Fix provided tips to Inside Edition.

“The most important thing is, you pull your hair back. If you’re thinking you’re looking for a leak, you want to put your hands back, take off anything that’s going to potentially get in the way. If you’re replacing a headlight, or changing an air filter, shut the vehicle off,” Fix said.

She said to take off all jewelry such as bracelets and watches, which can get caught or conduct electricity. Make sure to remove anything dangling like ties or scarves. She also advises to always wear a pair of gloves and suggests to keep a pair in the car.

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