Little Boy Is About To Reel In Huge Fish When A Giant Alligator Creeps Up And Snatches It Away

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

The first time a father and son go fishing is a truly heartwarming moment in which the two are allowed to bond and enjoy the beauty of nature together, uninterrupted.

Unless there’s a giant alligator around — then, maybe, the fishing trip won’t go exactly as planned.

The video you’re about to watch is a clear example of survival in a dog-eat-dog world. Or rather, a “boy-catches-fish-which-is-then-stolen-by-an-alligator” world.

In the video below, a boy, his father, and the dad’s friend are doing some fishing when — to the excitement of all three — the boy’s fishing line hooks a big catch.

“Reel him in!” Dad exclaims.

The large fish puts up a fight, but it finally appears to grow tired. It’s ready to be reeled in. And that’s when the gator surfaces.

It’s the dad’s friend who first spots him.

Just as the boy claims the fish, the huge alligator surfaces to his left. His dad’s friend tries to frighten the reptile away by stomping up and down on the ledge, but to no avail. The big reptile has his sights set on the prize.

The three can only watch as the gator turns on the jets and shoots right toward the boy’s catch.

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