Florida Family Finds 8-Foot Alligator In Garage And Has To Call Wranglers To Lure Him Out

by Gwendolyn Plummer
Gwen is a writer, reader, hockey fan, concert goer, and lunchtime enthusiast.

If you went through the average suburban garage, you’d probably find lots of interesting things. Still, the odds of finding an angry, lost alligator in there are pretty slim… unless you’re in Florida, that is.

A family in the Sunshine State recently came home one night to find exactly that: a very lost, very unhappy alligator stuck in their garage.

Luckily, gator wranglers aren’t exactly hard to come by in Florida, so the family was able to call up an experienced crew to take care of the animal and bring him back to his home.

The removal and rescue was caught on camera, and it’s given me a newfound appreciation for what gator wranglers do. Even though I don’t live in a place where gators are common, I’m counting my lucky stars for people like the ones in the video below.

The alligator is so big and powerful, I can only imagine how scary it would have been to come across this big guy in real life.

For instance, he kept opening his mouth so much that the wranglers eventually had to tape it shut to keep themselves safe until they could get the gator back to where he belonged.

I’m sure he was just scared and out of his element, so I’m glad he’s back home and safe now!

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